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In the United States, naturalized citizens are considered equal to citizens that were born here, including rights guaranteed to them under the Constitution and the total elimination of any future threat of deportation. However, successfully becoming a naturalized citizen is far from a simple process, especially if you try to do so without guidance from an experienced legal representative.

The Bolingbrook naturalization process could be much easier to navigate with support from a seasoned citizenship lawyer. Even if you are sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and have the documentation to prove it, legal counsel could still help you submit everything correctly. The right attorney could even assist with preparations for your citizenship interview and required tests.

How to Become a Naturalized Citizen

The naturalization process for most Bolingbrook residents begins with the submission of a completed Form N-400, along with the requisite $640 filing fee and $85 biometrics services fee. An applicant must also submit photocopies of both the front and back of his or her permanent resident card, as well as numerous additional documents affirming his or her eligibility to apply for citizenship. For example, someone applying for citizenship through a marriage to a current U.S. citizen must show that his or her spouse actually is a citizen, that his or her marriage is legally recognized, and that he or she is not legally married to anyone else anywhere in the world.

Once U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) receives and processes all the requisite documents and fees, the agency will generally assign dates and times for both biometric screening and the naturalization interview. The latter of these is actually a multi-step process, involving an in-person conversation with a USCIS officer, an English proficiency test, and a U.S. civics quiz.

Based on an applicant’s interview results, test scores, and his or her Form N-400 documentation, USCIS will either grant, “continue”, or deny a naturalization petition. If USCIS approves an application, the immigrant will become a U.S. citizen as soon as he or she completes a few remaining steps. Final important actions include submitting a final questionnaire on form N-445, surrendering a Permanent Resident Card, and taking the Oath of Allegiance to receive a Certificate of Naturalization.

If a potential citizen has any further questions about the naturalization process, a knowledgeable attorney in Bolingbrook could explain the steps and address concerns.

How Legal Counsel Could Help with Naturalization

It is important to reiterate that the steps outlined above are only a general overview of what the naturalization process entails. Additionally, there are many different ways that a citizenship request could be sidetracked or rejected.

For example, an application being “continued” due to a failed interview, test, or a missing documentation could mean months or years of additional delays, during which an immigrant’s legal permanent resident status might expire. Thankfully, an experienced lawyer in Bolingbrook could streamline everything by helping minimize the risk of mistakes that could derail a naturalization application.

Talk to an Attorney About the Naturalization Process in Bolingbrook

Achieving U.S. citizenship is a consequential moment in any U.S. immigrant’s life, as it affords him or her every right and privilege that native-born citizens have. However, efficiently pursuing naturalized citizenship might require assistance from a legal professional who has helped others in the past.

A hardworking lawyer could discuss the Bolingbrook naturalization process in more detail during a private consultation. Call the office today to get started on your case.

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