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Naturalization refers to the series of steps that allow an individual who is a citizen of a foreign country to acquire citizenship in the United States. There are several potential paths by which a person can achieve naturalization.

Bolingbrook naturalization through military duty is only one common route by which a foreign national can secure U.S. citizenship. If you have currently or formerly served in the U.S. military, you could consult with a knowledgeable immigration attorney who could advise if you qualify to become a naturalized citizen.

Ways to Become a Naturalized Citizen Through Military Duty

A service member applying for naturalization must have an upstanding service record, a good grasp of English, and have studied the laws and history of the U.S to be able to pass the citizenship test. There are two primary ways by which a foreign national can obtain naturalization in Bolingbrook as a current or former service member in the U.S. military.

A foreign national can only pursue citizenship through naturalization based on a service occurring during an actual military conflict. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has outlined several key military conflicts for which past or current service may qualify a foreign national to seek citizenship through naturalization. These service intervals include dates during the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the First Gulf War, and service occurring between September 11, 2001, and now.

If the applicant served while the U.S. is not involved in military conflict, they must hold legal permanent residency (LPR) for a minimum of 12 months before seeking citizenship through naturalization. If the individual has already completed their military service, the wait time can be extended. If a foreign national finishes serving in the U.S. military in time without conflict and later decides to apply for naturalization, they have to hold LPR for five years before they can become naturalized. A Bolingbrook attorney could review the facts of someone’s case to determine if they should move forward with applying for naturalization.

Accelerating the Naturalization Timeline

Foreign nationals in Bolingbrook who join the U.S. armed forces during a time of conflict may seek naturalization right away. On the other hand, those who serve during a time without military conflict may have to wait anywhere from one to several years before seeking the can apply for citizenship through naturalization.

It may be possible to accelerate the naturalization timeline in some cases. If a foreign national finishes their U.S. military service within the six months leading up to the time they apply for naturalization, they may not have to wait five years as a an LPR before applying for citizenship. This could speed up the process significantly, assuming the individual meets the other required criteria to be a citizen.

Contact a Bolingbrook Attorney About Applying for Naturalization Through Military Duty

If you wish to apply for Bolingbrook naturalization through military duty, it may be wise to talk with a knowledgeable attorney. A lawyer could help you submit your application and deal with any challenges during the naturalization process. Call a qualified attorney today to receive a consultation about your case.

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