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The best immigration attorneys often focus much of their energy on helping clients overcome obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Bolingbrook. Standing as a lawful permanent resident (LPR) opens many doors and paves the way toward citizenship.

Gaining a green card signifying LPR status is a huge accomplishment.

The first step toward overcoming the obstacles ahead of LPR status is to understand the factors that may prevent them from obtaining a green card. Then it is a good idea to develop a strategy to avoid or surmount the difficulties and work towards LPR status. Assistance from an experienced green card lawyer could make the process considerably more manageable.

Establishing Eligibility for LPR Status

One set of obstacles to achieving LPR status in Bolingbrook involves demonstrating eligibility for LPR status. Most immigrants who become LPRs have a family connection or employment opportunity that provides a basis for eligibility. However, individuals lacking those connections may obtain LPR status through other means such as seeking asylum or continuous residence in the U.S. on certain types of temporary visas.

Regardless of the reason for eligibility, it is critical for applicants to prove that they meet the qualifications. Individuals seeking an employment visa may need to present evidence to show that they hold a license or educational degree and have achieved significant recognition for contributions to their field.

Factors That Make an Immigrant Potentially Inadmissible

Individuals who have the connections and qualifications to obtain a permanent immigrant visa may still face a denial if they meet one of the criteria rendering them “inadmissible.” The overall factors are set forth in the Immigration and Naturalization Act in the section now codified at 8 U.S.C. §1182.

However, some of the terms used in the statute are vague and subject to varying interpretations. Attorneys in Bolingbrook have been able to overcome this type of obstacle to obtaining LPR status by showing that an applicant’s situation does not meet the criteria or that the applicant’s circumstances warrant a waiver of inadmissibility.

While some inadmissibility factors such as a history of terrorism or drug trafficking cannot be waived, many others can including:

  • Conviction for a crime of moral turpitude
  • Violation of immigration laws
  • Physical or mental disorders
  • Likelihood of needing government assistance such as food stamps
  • Multiple criminal convictions
  • Lack of vaccinations
  • Fraud
  • Communicable disease

Some of these inadmissibility factors may be addressed simply, such as by obtaining the necessary vaccines or treatment. Other factors cannot be changed, but the objections can be waived.

Challenges in the Application Process

A third set of obstacles to gaining LPR status in Bolingbrook involves the logistics of the application process itself. Applicants often do not understand how to proceed and how to make the most of their opportunities. Understanding the process and the applicable laws can prove particularly challenging for those who are not completely fluent in the English language.

Mistakes could result in delays or even denials. Moreover, if an agency believes that a mistake represents an attempt to commit fraud, that mistake could jeopardize future efforts to obtain a green card or gain entry into the U.S.

Assistance Overcoming Obstacles to Obtaining LPR Status in Bolingbrook

The process of obtaining an immigrant visa and a green card requires planning and patience. Because of the complexity of the process and the high stakes involved, many applicants seek assistance from an immigration attorney to help overcome obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Bolingbrook.

While certain people who may be considered a risk to national security may find it virtually impossible to gain entry into the U.S., for many others, it is possible to obtain a waiver, relief, or other assistance to resolve problems and acquire a green card. An attorney could explain the obstacles in a particular case and develop a plan to surmount the difficulties and obtain LPR status. Call today to learn more.

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