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Of all the employment-based immigration opportunities, an EB-1 visa is the most desirable. The EB-1 visas are first preference, reserved for those with recognized abilities who are first in line to obtain a green card. Some EB-1 candidates do not even need sponsorship from an employer to receive this type of employment-based visa.

Because this visa is so sought-after, however, it can be challenging to demonstrate that you meet the qualifications. That is where an experienced Bolingbrook EB-1 visa lawyer could help.

An immigration lawyer familiar with the scrutiny applied to EB-1 visa applications could prepare materials so that they persuasively document your eligibility. A visa lawyer could also work to resolve any problems or delays that arise at any point in the process.

Individuals With Extraordinary Ability

The U.S. government defines three sub-categories of individuals who are eligible for an employment first preference EB-1 visa. Of these sub-categories, only one, individuals with “extraordinary ability” allows applicants to petition for immigration on their own without the sponsorship of an employer or even the prospect of a job in the U.S.

To meet the requirements, an individual must exhibit extraordinary ability in the arts, education, business, sciences or athletics. Moreover, the ability must result in sustained recognition and acclaim at the national or international level.

An applicant must provide evidence of a substantial achievement such as an Olympic medal or Pulitzer Prize or other evidence that satisfies three out of ten specific criteria. A Bolingbrook EB-1 attorney could help an applicant demonstrate satisfaction of the criteria such as “commercial success” or showing that an individual’s contributions are of “major significance” to their field.

Outstanding Professors and Researchers

A second sub-category for EB-1 visas is reserved for “outstanding” professors and researchers. These academic professionals must be coming into the U.S. to engage in tenure track teaching or research at a university or similar educational institution.

Outstanding professors and researchers must show international recognition of their achievements and have at least three years of research or teaching experience in the field. An EB-1 visa lawyer in Bolingbrook could help document eligibility for this category, which includes satisfying two of the six possible criteria. For instance, one criterion is the production of “original” scientific or scholarly research, so an attorney could produce documentation to show how an applicant’s contributions to the field were original and significant.

Multinational Managers and Executives

The third sub-category of EB-1 first preference employment visas is for high-level employees at multinational companies doing business in the U.S. To qualify, employees must be working in a managerial or executive capacity for the multinational company for at least one year out of the last three years.

The employee must be entering the U.S. to continue working for the same company or an affiliate or subsidiary company. The employer will need to sponsor the employee and file a Petition for Alien Worker. A Bolingbrook EB-1 visa attorney could assist with the petition as well as the visa application.

Contact a Bolingbrook EB-1 Visa Attorney

The U.S. government issues a very limited number of permanent immigration visas each year, so competition can be fierce. Demonstrating that you qualify for the first preference category puts you at the top of the pile when it comes to handing out visas.

However, if you fail to document your eligibility in a satisfactory manner, you may find your application delayed or denied. If a federal agency believes you may have tried to obtain a visa through a fraudulent demonstration of qualifications, you could be permanently prevented from obtaining a visa.

Working with an experienced Bolingbrook EB-1 visa lawyer could help prevent costly mistakes. Call today to learn more about the advantages a knowledgeable employment visa attorney could provide to avoid the hassle and achieve success in the visa process.

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