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Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys (Video)

Criminal charges can rob you of your freedom, rights and future. Beyond the possible criminal penalties, these charges can set off a chain reaction of additional complications that negatively affect every aspect of your life. The Chicago criminal defense attorneys at Godoy Law Office aggressively protect your rights and help you successfully navigate the resulting collateral problems.

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If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime then you came to the right place. I know the awesome power of the justice system can be scary and it can leave you with many questions. It can keep you up at night and have you questioning your future.

We founded our law office to defend and help guide our clients through this process. We believe that an arrest should not dictate your future and stop you from being the person you want to be. I chose to defend people after speaking to one of the state investigators that I had known for years. I asked, How do you know how far to go when interviewing someone? And the answer astounded me. He said that he makes his decision whether that person is guilty or not based on the facts and his experience. And once in custody, you can’t talk your way out of that decision.

But that basically means it’s a guess or a hunch, and that means mistakes can be made and someone’s entire future can be riding on one person’s hunch. People make decisions about who you are based on that arrest. In a hunch starts the prosecutorial machine, and while the system is supposed to be fair, you are not on the same level. The state has police officers, investigators experts, law clerks, assistants, secretaries, attorneys, supervisors – and each courtroom gets two and sometimes three attorneys all working as a team to prosecute you.

We founded this law firm to stand between you and the state, and as a team, we work to level that playing field. We hold the state to its burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and we believe that a mistake –  whether yours or someone else’s – should not define your future. 

Let our team defend you.

Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyers

Entrust your case to a team of skilled criminal defense lawyers. To schedule an initial consultation, call us or contact the Chicago criminal defense attorneys at Godoy Law Office at 855-554-6369. Any communication between our firm and potential clients remains confidential. We offer jail visits. 

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