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Being away from family and loved ones is never easy, but it may feel especially difficult when what is separating you from them is immigration policy in any form. Thankfully, not all options are closed to you or your loved one. After entering the county legally, a loved one or close family member could apply for a change of status which, in turn, is the same as applying for family preference visas in Cicero.

With the right legal representation, you could be reunited with your loved ones indefinitely. Call our family immigration firm today to see what could be done to help you.

Application Process for Family Preference Visas

In Cicero and beyond, the process for applying for a family preference visa involves a U.S. petitioner or legal permanent resident applying for a visa using Form I-130. These people must demonstrate that the beneficiary and the petitioner meet the grounds for which they are applying. They have to provide documentation to support the family relationship. Unfortunately, the application could become difficult or confusing, especially among stepchildren or when dealing with a fact scenario in which the father or the mother were not traditionally married, and making sure that the correct documentation is sent.

Applicants or sponsors may have to interview with someone from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It is not in every instance, but if they do have to interview with immigration, it is strongly urged that they meet with an experienced immigration attorney beforehand to prepare for that appointment and even have the attorney accompany them to that appointment. Once they have filed the petition, anyone within that petition is subject to being interviewed.

Benefits to Hiring an Attorney

An immigration attorney could benefit a family trying to bring other members of the family to the United States by laying out a plan of action for the immigration of the entire family, figuring out who should be filed for first, and determining whether there is anyone else that could be filed for in the same petition, which could help save money for the petitioner.

In addition, depending on who the family member is and what order they are applying for, attorneys could help open up different avenues of possible immigration options for other family members. This is because they have a strong knowledge of the law and how it should work. How things should be filed is part of the benefits of hiring an immigration attorney.

Common Reasons for Denials After Applying

The most common reasons that an individual would not be issued a family preference visa in Cicero are:

  • If the petitioner dies
  • If the relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary changes
  • If the beneficiary drops out of status by doing something that takes them out of one of the preference categories

Even if an applicant is rejected for one of these reasons, there may be other ways to secure citizenship. For more help navigating the family preference visa application process, contact our firm.

Apply for a Family Preference Visa in Cicero With a Lawyer’s Help

Helping a family member or loved one stay or enter into the United States is not an easy task. Given the current political atmosphere and attitude toward immigration, it is best to rely on the experience of a dedicated immigration attorney.

Call us today for an initial consultation and see what could be done to help with family preference visas in Cicero.

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