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Delays are not unusual in the immigration process. Some of these delays are unavoidable, such as when the federal government requests additional documentation from an applicant. However, other delays can become so long that they are unreasonable.

If you currently face immigration delays, you might have legal options to move your case forward. While this process can take time, resolving delays could be possible with the help of a skilled immigration attorney. To share your story and learn about your options, reach out to a Lake County immigration delay lawyer from our firm today.

Reasons for Delays in the Immigration Process

Watching your immigration case grind to a halt can be frustrating. The process is already lengthy, and having your application sit idly for months on end is a cause for concern. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why a delay might occur. A local Lake County attorney could resolve immigration delays caused by the following factors:

Misplaced Files

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles a large volume of cases every year. Like any large bureaucracy, it is not unusual for USCIS to lose or misplace files, leading to lengthy delays.

Missing Documentation

Many delays are related to a lack of accompanying documentation that comes with a visa application. In some cases, the government needs additional documents in order to make a final decision. The decision is put on hold while the government waits for this documentation to be provided by the applicant or their attorney.

Poor Communication

There are times when an immigration delay is entirely due to poor communication from USCIS. In these situations, the agents might determine they need more information from the applicant or another government agency, but their failure to request that information in a timely manner often leads to avoidable delays.

Methods for Resolving Immigration Delays

There are options when it comes to resolving unreasonable delays in an immigration case. While these setbacks can be frustrating, the guidance of a Lake County immigration delay attorney could help you obtain a final decision in your case.

Reaching Out to USCIS

The most common—and straightforward—way for an attorney to deal with a delay is by contacting USCIS directly. This is especially useful in cases where a delay occurs through an administrative error. If USCIS simply forgot to take the next step on a file, contact from your attorney might be enough to move the case forward.

Writ of Mandamus

Some cases require a more aggressive approach. In these situations, a writ of mandamus could be the answer. A writ of mandamus is a form of lawsuit that requires the government to perform a function required by law. In this case, that means making a final decision in an immigration case. A writ of mandamus can bring an end to a delay, but it is important to remember that it does not guarantee a specific outcome. Instead, the purpose of these lawsuits is to force the government to make a decision. However, it is possible the decision might not be favorable to you.

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An unreasonable delay in your immigration case can be frustrating, especially if you have been waiting for an answer for months or years. Fortunately, our team could help speed up the process. Reach out to a Lake County immigration delay lawyer today to get started.

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