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Most of the time, foreign residents seeking employment come to the United States temporarily. These workers often return home or eventually seek a different visa in order to become a citizen. However, there are options for non-temporary work visas that allow foreign individuals to work in the United States on an ongoing basis.

If you are considering a non-temporary work visa, now is the time to seek out an employment-based immigration attorney. Through an EB visa, it could be possible to secure permanent residency in the United States while living here for employment purposes. A Lombard non-temporary employment visa lawyer could advise you of your legal options for immigrating to the United States.

Types of EB Visas

There are five different types of non-temporary employment visas offered through the federal government. Each of these visa types has its own requirements and purpose. A non-temporary employment visa attorney in Lombard could assist with determining the right type of visa to pursue.


EB-1 visas are some of the most highly-sought employment permits. There are often limited delays in the process of securing these visas, and a successful application could result in lawful permanent residency. These visas are reserved for individuals that have extraordinary ability in areas like business, athletics, or education.


EB-2 visas usually involve work that requires an advanced degree or exceptional, specialized abilities. Applying for this permit can be complex, but the process can often be fast-tracked if a foreign national can demonstrate that his or her immigration would serve national best interests.


The next level of priority is the EB-3 visa. This type of visa applies to those who perform skilled work but lack advanced degrees. An applicant could qualify for this work visa if his or her employment is based on a baccalaureate degree or if he or she has several years of experience.


The broadest of these categories is the EB-4. This type of permanent employment visa offers opportunities to those who do not qualify for the other categories. This category of visa is often sought by religious workers.


Finally, EB-5 visas are for foreign investors as opposed to employees. These investors must sink substantial funds into U.S. businesses that will hire from the American workforce.

The Labor Certification Process

Certain employment-based visas can only be awarded once a labor certification is received by the prospective employer. This certification is issued by the U.S. Department of Labor, but a prospective employer of foreign workers must apply on an employee’s behalf. This requirement applies to both EB-2 and EB-3 visas.

The purpose of these labor certifications is simple. The employer applying for certification must establish that there are no American citizens or residents that could perform the role they are hiring for.

Securing labor certification is a necessary part of the process. While this is ultimately the responsibility of the employer, having an attorney to ensure the process is moving forward could be helpful. A knowledgeable Lombard lawyer could help address any issues that during the process of obtaining labor certification for a non-temporary employment visa.

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Non-temporary employment visas could provide you with long-term options for living and working in the United States. If that is your goal, now is the time to consider your legal options. A mistake during the application process could derail your efforts. Reach out to a Lombard non-temporary employment visa attorney for more information.

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