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After you have been living and working in Naperville for a while, you might want to make it permanent. If you already have a short-term employment visa, you might be able to adjust your status. Moreover, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) might also honor your petition for lawful permanent residency, even if you have never had another type of permission for entry.

If you would like to work in Naperville, non-temporary employment visas may be available to you. There are several kinds of permanent work permits that might fit your skill set and speaking with an immigration attorney could provide valuable insight.

National Interest Waiver Permanent Employment Visas in Naperville

Some Naperville permanent work visas require that the employer obtain a labor certification from the U.S. Department of Labor. The certified document may serve as proof that the company has found it difficult to find American citizens with desired skillsets and instead allow employers to hire foreign nationals.

The EB-2 permanent green card allows the petitioner to enter and work in the United States without a labor certification. Generally, those who are awarded this non-temporary authorization have advanced degrees and more than ten years of experience in their field of practice.

Extraordinary Ability Non-temporary Work Visas in Naperville

An EB-1 is a non-temporary employment visa for people of extraordinary ability. Under 8 C.F.R. §204.5(h), a person of extraordinary ability must qualify as a member of a small group who has risen to the top of their career and distinguished him or herself above others.

If a petitioner has not received a major, international prize for his or her work, the petitioner may establish that they meet at least three of ten criteria. An outstanding worker in Naperville might stand out on their petition in several ways. For example, they might submit evidence of that they have served in a critical role for a distinguished organization, or that they have published well-cited journal articles.

Per the federal statute, a professional must also prove to USCIS that he or she intends to continue working in his or her field after receiving a green card so that he or she may benefit the United States.

Skilled Worker Employment Green Cards in Naperville

Foreign nationals in Naperville who might be considered skilled workers could also qualify for a non-temporary employment green card called an EB-3. Generally, the USCIS considers a skilled worker to be someone whose professional skills take more than two years to learn.

To be eligible for this type of work permit, the accomplished employee may not be needed in Naperville on a mere seasonal basis. However, this classification does require a full-time job offer as well as a labor certification.

A professional worker might also be eligible for an EB-3 visa. In addition to having a fulltime offer of employment and a labor certification, foreign workers also may need to show that they have a college degree from the United States or their country of origin.

Speak with an Attorney in Naperville about a Non-temporary Employment Visa

If you are unsure about which type of authorization fits your profile, you might want to speak with a Naperville non-temporary employment visa attorney. A seasoned lawyer who frequently writes petitions to the USCIS may have suggestions for a permanent work authorization that might apply to you.

Contact the law offices of a local legal consultant about your career aspirations and skills. As you prepare for your appointment, consider gathering your resume, transcripts, and other items that you think may be relevant.

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