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A T-visa is a form of temporary residency granted to the victims of severe human trafficking. This permit prevents deportation and creates a path toward future citizenship. The program features numerous specific requirements, which makes the application process challenging. However, an experienced visa attorney could help you through each stage of your application. If you are the victim of a severe human trafficking crime, you should reach out to a Naperville T-visa lawyer to discuss your legal options for immigration.

The Benefits of a T-Visa

Both the victims of human trafficking crimes and the United States government benefit from the T-visa program. The program is multifaceted and impactful.

The T-visa permit is beneficial to applicants because it protects them from deportation. Many immigrants entered the U.S to avoid dangerous situations in their home countries, and this program helps them avoid revisiting past trauma. Furthermore, the program could provide an opportunity for applicants to secure permanent residency. Deportation protection can last up to four years, and anyone living in the country under a T-visa can apply for citizenship after three years. An experienced attorney in the Naperville area help you avoid deportation by guiding you through the T-visa process.

This program also benefits the United States government because it gives federal agents access to witness testimonies about trafficking crimes, helping them pin down and fight against illicit smuggling rings.

Qualifying for a T-Visa

The T-visa program establishes a few strict requirements for applicants. The primary qualifier is that an applicant must be a victim of a ‘severe’ form of human trafficking. Both sex and labor trafficking, for example, constitute ‘severe’ crimes. These crimes involve the use of force, threats, or coercion to make a victim perform sexual acts or manual labor against their will. ‘Severe’ trafficking incidents can cause immense trauma and alter the course of a survivor’s life.

An applicant must also be in the United States to apply. People living abroad are not eligible to apply for this program. The program also requires applicants to demonstrate that they would suffer extreme hardship if they were forced to return to their home country. Finally, the T-visa program also requires applicants to comply with law enforcement officials throughout the investigation process. Responding to the reasonable requests helps authorities uncover trafficking rings. Victims under the age of 18 and people who have suffered severe trauma can often be exempt from this required cooperation. An experienced attorney in Naperville could help you determine whether you are eligible to apply for the T-visa program.

Contact a Naperville T-Visa Attorney

Human trafficking is a dangerous crime that puts many lives at risk. If you are the victim of severe human trafficking, you may be eligible to apply for a T-visa. This permit grants immigrant’s temporary residency in the United States.

Eligibility for this permit is complex, but a skilled Naperville T-visa lawyer could determine whether you qualify for this program. Our legal professionals could outline your rights and help you file an application. Do not hesitate to contact our offices today for further information.

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