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If a person in your family is a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, you might be able to be one too. The United States Citizenship and Naturalization Service (USCIS) offers some visas for spouses, children, parents, and siblings.

The Naperville family visa categories may require differing applications and supporting documents depending on the type and the duration of visa sought. Thus, it may be beneficial to contact an attorney for help rather than attempting to apply on your own. En Español.

Visas for Intended Spouses and Their Children in Naperville

The intended spouse of a United States citizen in Naperville may apply as a nonimmigrant under a K-1 visa. However, a K-1 visa are set to expire after 90 days after entry to the United States, so the legal wedding should take place within that time period.

The marriage is required to be intended for a life together, rather than merely for immigration purposes. After the K-1 visa has expired, the newly married couple may apply for lawful permanent residency status for the foreign national.

Subsequently, the children of K-1 visa holders may also be brought to America on a K-2 visa. The parent may apply for green cards for the kids so long as they entered into a bona fide union with an American citizen within 90 days of receiving the K-1 visa. Both of these family visa categories in Naperville may allow for a subsequent removal of conditions that were initially placed on the green card.

Parent, Sibling, and Adopted Child Visa Categories in Naperville

There are other categories for visa eligibility in Naperville in addition to the spouses of citizens and green card holders. Other family members of United States citizens or legal permanent residents who might apply for an immigrant visa include the parents and siblings. If siblings are related through a step-parent, additional documentation may need to be supplied to USCIS.

If American citizens choose to adopt a child from another country, they generally need to apply for another type of family visa for the adoptee. The process for acquiring a visa for the child may depend on the country of adoption. Generally, the USCIS would be tasked with evaluating the suitability of prospective adopting parents as well as the eligibility of the child to enter the United States.

Naperville Unlawful Presence Waiver in Naperville

In order to avoid deportation, a family member of a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident may apply for a reprieve under the category of a Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver. In addition to completing paperwork to apply for this family visa, the petitioner may need to be interviewed.

Under some circumstances, a person who marries a United States citizen, but then divorces them for a good-faith reason, may also be able to avoid removal from the country via a family-based waiver.

Speak with an Attorney in Naperville About Family Visa Categories

In Naperville, the family visa categories may not be treated equally. Some may be easier to acquire than others, and each kind may require different supporting evidence.

If you are interested in learning more about immigrant or nonimmigrant visas for yourself or your relatives, contact a seasoned local attorney. A well-informed lawyer in Naperville could help with each of the requirements for each kind of family visa and might be available to assist with petitions to the USCIS.

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