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For LGBTQ people in Oak Brook, deportation proceedings are understandably terrifying. The thought of having to leave your loved ones and family behind is something no one should ever have to go through. That said, there are options at your disposal that could help you navigate the legal system and potentially exempt you from removal.

The violence against women act, asylum applications, and defenses against allegations of less-than morally good behavior could be used to prevent your or your loved one’s removal from the United States. To better understand your options and work towards a favorable resolution, reach out to an experienced lawyer who could help you.

Which Agencies Enforce Removal Proceedings?

The actual removal proceeding is conducted by the executive office of immigration review, which is housed in the Department of Justice. The actual people enforcing the laws there come from the Office of Chief Counsel and Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Removal proceedings for LGBTQ individuals are no different than for heterosexual individuals.

Receiving a Notice to Appear

A notice to appear, also called an NTA, is the formal charging document filed by the government in order to start the deportation process. It includes the charges that the government is lodging against the individual. It also includes the charges of removal for which the government is seeking to remove someone. Those are very important documents that should be reviewed by an attorney who could help LGBTQ people in Oak Brook with deportation proceedings.

Why It Is Critical to Contact an LGBTQ Immigration Lawyer?

If an LGBTQ individual receives a notice to appear, it is critical that he or she contacts a lawyer in order for the attorney to be able to review that charging document to see if there are any types of procedural defects or mistakes made by the government in order to close the case. Doing so could also help with determining how to defend against removal.

Master Calendar Hearings

A master calendar hearing is the first type of hearing that an individual gets in a removal proceeding. Generally, most ordinary business is handled during that hearing. It serves almost as a status hearing in some instances. People could have a number of master hearings during an actual court case in removal court.

Preparing for a Master Hearing with the Help of a Lawyer

A lawyer could help people prepare to go in front of the judge and to decide what they are going to answer during the hearing. Attorneys could also help LGBTQ people in Oak Brook facing deportation proceedings by filing any applications for removal relief while at those master calendar hearings.

Speak to an Attorney in Oak Brook to Fight Deportation Proceedings

Over the years, the deportation laws and requirements for deportation have changed dramatically. For LGBTQ people in Oak Brook, deportation proceedings does not mean that you have no options left. There are numerous laws and appeals that a lawyer could help you apply for with the hopes of obtaining a cancellation of removal.

Reach out to a dedicated attorney today who could help you present your best self during the master calendar hearings in the near future.

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