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In many deportation defense cases, adjustment of status is the most promising path forward. Most of our clients in this category resolve their immigration problems through a family-based immigrant visa. You may achieve adjustment of status by two pathways:

  • An immigration law judge may grant you adjustment of status as relief from the threat of deportation.
  • The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may grant you adjustment of status after you apply.

To obtain adjustment of status, you will need to meet criteria such as:

  • Demonstrating you have an immigrant visa immediately available
  • Demonstrating that you entered the U.S. legally
  • Demonstrating that you are admissible and that there is no barrier to your obtaining an immigrant visa.

If your current barrier to obtaining adjustment of status is a criminal conviction, our criminal defense attorneys at Godoy Law Office, may be able to help you by reopening your criminal case. We can also help you obtain an immigration waiver. Then we can resume working on your immigration matter of application for adjustment of status.

Godoy Law Office, is a valuable resource for visa holders in Illinois who face the possibility of deportation because of a visa problem. Our criminal defense and immigration lawyers are well-prepared to help you seek and find the best option for a favorable resolution of your case, such as through adjustment of status.

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