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If you are under the threat of deportation because you were charged with a crime or because you are out of status, you may be able to improve your future options through voluntary departure.

You may have entered the United States illegally, or in some way violated your immigration status. Seeking voluntary departure during your removal proceeding involves presenting the equities of your case to the immigration judge. You agree to leave the United States on your own terms and preserve the possibility of returning under more favorable circumstances. Voluntary departure offers great advantages over deportation. Deportation can put you at risk of being arrested if you try to return to the U.S. or leave you ineligible for any future visa for 10 years.

Godoy Law Office represents immigrants and visa holders who are in custody as well as those who are at risk of deportation but are not currently in custody. Immigrants who are out of status or who have criminal law concerns are invited to contact us to discuss the requirements for voluntary departure.

Negotiating For Voluntary Departure Prior To And At Removal Hearings

Perhaps you are not in custody but you are at risk of deportation because of problems with your immigration status. You may seek prehearing voluntary departure prior to your removal hearing. If your removal hearing is scheduled many years away, this may be your best option to leave the United States without a deportation order. Under such arrangements, you will buy your own plane ticket and leave the United States on your own timetable. If you are under safeguards within ICE custody, then the government will likely arrange for your travel for the voluntary departure. In both instances, you will not have a deportation or a determination of inadmissibility because of prior deportation on your record. Once you are outside the U.S., you can work to resolve your immigration problem without the threat of deportation or automatically denied re-entry because of a previous deportation order.

If Your Family Member Has Been Detained By U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE)

After ICE officers have picked up your loved one and put him or her into detention, you naturally feel a sense of urgency. Godoy Law Office is available to analyze your loved one’s case and determine:

  • Where your son, daughter, husband, wife or other family member has been detained
  • What fundamental immigration problem needs to be resolved
  • The best strategies for getting your loved one out of detention
  • The best strategies for allowing your family member the option of voluntary departure if the threat of deportation cannot be resolved soon

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