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supreme court rules on deportation guidelines

Supreme Court Upholds Biden Administration Deportation Guidelines

The Supreme Court has rejected a challenge from two Republican state attorneys general to the Biden administration’s immigration guidelines that prioritize which noncitizens to deport. The court ruled 8-1 that the states, Texas and Louisiana, did not have the “standing,” or the legal right, to sue in the first place.

The Biden administration’s guidelines, which were issued in January 2021, prioritize deporting noncitizens who pose a threat to national security or public safety, as well as those who have committed serious crimes. The guidelines also make it more difficult to deport noncitizens who are seeking asylum or who have family members who are US citizens or lawful permanent residents.

The two states argued that the Biden administration’s guidelines violated the Immigration and Nationality Act, which they said gives the federal government broad discretion to set deportation priorities. They also argued that the guidelines would lead to an increase in illegal immigration.

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The Supreme Court rejected these arguments, saying that the states did not have standing to sue because they could not show that they had been harmed by the Biden administration’s guidelines. The court also said that the guidelines were a reasonable interpretation of the Immigration and Nationality Act.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is a victory for the Biden administration and for immigrants’ rights advocates. It allows the Biden administration to continue to implement its immigration guidelines, which are designed to make the immigration system more humane and efficient.

In addition to the Supreme Court ruling, the Biden administration has also taken other steps to reform the immigration system. In April 2023, the administration announced that it would end the Trump-era policy known as Title 42, which allowed the government to expel migrants at the border without giving them a chance to seek asylum. The administration has also announced plans to create a new pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

The Biden administration’s immigration reforms are facing strong opposition from Republicans in Congress. However, the Supreme Court’s ruling on the deportation priorities is a significant victory for the administration and for immigrants’ rights advocates. It is a major step forward in the Biden administration’s efforts to reform the immigration system.

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