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Immigration Attorneys 10X as Likely to Beat Deportation

Families Represented by Immigration Attorneys 10X as Likely to Beat Deportation

A study by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) found that families that are represented by immigration attorneys are ten times as likely to win asylum and other protections from deportation. Immigrants facing deportation who do have a lawyer are up to 10 times more likely to win their cases, according to analysis by the Vera Institute of Justice.

Many undocumented individuals are not represented by a deportation defense lawyer in their court deportation hearings or miss their Notice to Appear. A Notice to Appear informs migrants of their court dates and obligations and is only printed in English. Of 17,000 cases reviewed by MPI, 80% of the hearings resulted in in absentia removal orders because the individuals were not in court.

Benefits of Attorney Representation at Deportation Hearings

In addition to undocumented individuals being less likely to be deported if they are represented by a lawyer, MPI also found additional benefits for hiring an attorney to handle your deportation case. Representation

• increases court efficiency

• eliminates delays caused by efforts to find counsel

• solves the need to explain or translate the proceedings to the individual

• eliminates untrue legal or procedural claims by someone who is unfamiliar with the deportation laws

The Sixth Amendment guarantees criminal defendants a right to a lawyer. The immigration court system, unlike criminal courts, does not guarantee a right to legal counsel. Noncitizens who are not represented by a lawyer may not speak English, don’t understand the U.S. immigration laws and are charged by experienced immigration lawyers and the court system.

Do You Need A Deportation Lawyer?

A noncitizen placed in removal proceedings may have several options their deportation defense lawyer can use to fight their deportation case. A skilled deportation defense lawyer can help you resolve the threat of deportation and find ways to legally remain in the United States. Godoy Law Office serves the entire Chicago, Illinois area including DuPage, Cook, Kane, Will, and Lake Counties. To get started on your defense, call 630-912-0322 to schedule a consultation with one of the experienced immigration attorneys today. En Español.  

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