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New Illinois Law Bans Landlords From Discrimination Based On Immigration Status

A new law in Illinois will prohibit landlords from considering the immigration status of potential tenants when making rental decisions. The law, which goes into effect in January 2024, was signed by Governor J.B. Pritzker last month. It is part of a series of pro-immigrant measures that have been passed in Illinois in recent years, including a law Pritzker also signed last month to give undocumented immigrants access to an Illinois drivers license. Illinois law SB 1817 will add:

 “protections in the Illinois Human Rights Act for housing regarding immigration status protection and discriminatory advertising.”

Illinois New Immigrant Anti-Discrimination House Law

Key features of Illinois’ new law banning discrimination based on immigration status include:

  • Illinois will no longer allow landlords to consider immigration status when renting out property.
  • The law, which goes into effect in January 2024, was signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker last month.
  • The law was part of several pieces of legislation aimed at protecting the rights of immigrants in Illinois.
  • It also makes it illegal for landlords to discriminate against potential tenants based on their country of origin, religious status, handicap, familial status, race, gender, or age.

The law was supported by immigrant rights groups, who argued that it would help to ensure that all people have access to housing, regardless of their immigration status. Opponents of the law argued that it would make it more difficult for landlords to screen potential tenants and could lead to an increase in crime.

Illinois Most Welcoming State

Governor Pritzker has enacted multiple laws and initiatives to help ensure Illinois as a welcoming state for immigrants:

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