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What Is An Expedited Immigration Request?

Many foreigners are concerned about the immigration backlog that USCIS is currently experiencing. In the best of circumstances, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) was not fast in processing immigration requests. The worldwide pandemic created a significant backlog at USCIS that may take years to catch up. With nearly 5.2 million cases with 8.5 million cases pending, many applicants are facing delays and losing opportunities for new jobs, reunions with loved ones and other immigration benefits. As a remedy, USCIS has introduced expedited green cards for STEM applicants and other immigration cases. But what does it mean to have an expedited request?

What Is An Expedited Immigration Request?

To help address the current U.S. labor shortage and address other critical issues delayed by the pandemic, USCIS is accepting requests to expedite immigration requests in some types of cases, including:

  • STEM workers
  • healthcare workers
  • spouses of military members
  • U-visa applicants
  • cases of severe financial hardship
  • extraordinary situations, including pending deportation

If your expedited immigration request is approved, USCIS will take your application or petition out of the date order and issue a decision faster than the normal processing time.

How to Expedite An Immigration Application

The agency considers expedited requests on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, immigration caseloads are notoriously backlogged, and decisions often take years. When considering a request to expedite an application:

  • You should ideally ask for the expedite PRIOR to filing your application
  • USCIS considers the reason for the request, such as severe financial loss or a critical job role
  • The application must include required documentation such as the file number, the sponsor’s name and the immigration applicant’s name, date of birth and any other identifying information.
  • The reviewing office will request additional documentation and proof to support expedited processing.
  • USCIS will require a nonrefundable expedited processing fee. They may waive the fee in some circumstances, but this will require additional documentation.

In our experience a work permit expedited request is rarely granted by USCIS. An experienced immigration attorney who understands U.S. immigration law can increase your chance for success and advise you on the best chance for success in your case.

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