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Battery charges are often the result of a conflict that got out of hand. A disagreement between friends or family members is one potential scenario that could lead to someone being charged with battery.

No matter what situation led to you being charged with battery, you need to take the defense of your rights very seriously. The police, the prosecutors and the court are going to take the charges very seriously, and you need an experienced attorney by your side to ensure that your rights are protected at all stages of the process.

What You Need To Know About Criminal Battery

Battery is knowingly or intentionally causing someone else physical harm through any means. It can also be something as minor as making physical contact that is insulting or provocative. Battery charges can apply to a wide range of circumstances. If you have found yourself facing battery charges, take action to defend yourself by securing the representation of a skilled attorney immediately.

How do Assault Charges Appear with Battery?

Battery charges are often coupled with assault charges. Assault is placing someone in imminent fear of battery occurring. In instances where a weapon is used or the victim is in a protected class of people, such as police or firefighters, you will be facing aggravated battery charges.

Attorneys Experienced On Both Sides Of The Criminal Justice System

At Godoy Law Office, we are criminal defense lawyers who honed our skills as prosecutors for Cook County and DuPage County in Illinois. We take what we learned as prosecutors and use that to help ourselves build highly effective cases for our clients that have the ability to anticipate and counter prosecutors’ likely approach to cases. Let us help you build a solid defense against assault or battery charges.

Can an Assault Or Battery Charge Jeopardize Immigration?

Any criminal charge can affect your immigration status. Battery and assault are serious charges that need to be addressed to minimize any impact on your ability to stay in the United States. We are Spanish-speaking attorneys who are committed to providing exceptional criminal defense and immigration representation.

Start Building A Strong Defense

When battery charges are threatening your future and/or your immigration status, you need to know that your rights are being protected by an attorney who has the skill, experience and commitment to help you get past these charges and move forward with your life. Turn to the attorneys of Godoy Law Office. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our experienced Oak Brook assault and battery attorneys.

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