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Obtaining Lawful Permanent Resident status in the United States can be a meaningful step towards achieving your and your family’s dreams of living and working here legally. However, Green Cards do not last forever, even for applicants who meet every requirement. Failure to renew your expired status or replace a lost permit could get you in serious trouble with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Fortunately, a Naperville Green Card renewal lawyer could help people navigate this process efficiently. A knowledgeable Green Card attorney’s assistance could be key to avoiding procedural mistakes that might delay processing of your petition or result in losing your lawful immigrant status.

When Is Green Card Renewal Necessary?

For most people, Green Card renewal is necessary every ten years, the standard length of time that a permit remains valid. Permit holders should begin filing for renewal once their existing registration is six months away from expiring. However, holders of Conditional Green Cards cannot apply for renewal and must apply for the government to lift the conditions on their permanent resident status.

Anyone who loses his or her permit or has it damaged, stolen, or destroyed must apply for a replacement Green Card through a process similar to renewal. Various situations make it necessary for a permit holder to apply for and obtain an updated Green Card, including:

  • The 14th birthday of a holder who received his or her Card before turning 14
  • Commuter status changing to actual resident or vice versa
  • Incorrect information on an existing Green Card
  • Legal name change
  • Automatic status change to LPR

A knowledgeable Naperville attorney could provide more specific information about whether going through the Green Card renewal process may be necessary for a particular person.

Applying for a New Green Card in Naperville

Whether done online or on paper, applying for a replacement or renewed Green Card requires completing and filing Form I-90 and paying filing fees if applicable. Various supporting documents and other forms may be necessary to establish that an applicant still meets the relevant criteria to receive LPR status. A dedicated lawyer in Naperville could help obtain and submit any documentation for a Green Card renewal in a timely fashion.

It takes U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) between 90 days and 12 months to process a Green Card renewal petition. Processing times may be even longer if there are any errors or omissions in a submitted application, which is one of the main reasons why assistance from skilled legal counsel could be so important.

Seek Help from a Naperville Green Card Renewal Attorney

Getting a Green Card renewed or replaced can be a complex process, especially without professional legal guidance. Considering how much a single mistake could jeopardize your legal status, you should think twice before trying to complete this high-stakes process by yourself.

Instead, consider working with a seasoned Naperville Green Card renewal lawyer who could give you the best possible chances of a favorable case result. Contact us today for a consultation.

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