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If you are living in Naperville, you probably need to work there too. Foreign nationals in Naperville may be able to acquire a green card based on their career so that they might remain indefinitely.
The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Service) is the national entity that might grant you a green card that could allow you to live and work in Naperville. An adept Naperville employment-based green card lawyer may be able to create a successful petition to the USCIS that persuades it to grant you permanent resident status.

Employment-Based Green Cards in Naperville

An employment-based green card may be appropriate for an employee who wants to work in Naperville under lawfully recorded permanent residency status. Often this type of authorization requires a job offer or a labor certification by the hiring company. An adept Naperville employment-based green card attorney may be able to further expand on other requirements during a consultation.

Labor Certifications for Naperville Employers

An employment-based green card in Naperville frequently requires a labor certification. According to the USCIS, a labor certification is the responsibility of the employing organization, rather than the worker.

Labor certifications are usually conducted through the United States Department of Labor, but the USCIS may handle some cases. A capable employment-based green card lawyer in Naperville may be a helpful resource to local companies that want to hire foreign nationals.

Which Green Cards Do Not Require a Labor Certification?

In order the avoid the labor certification requirement, a Naperville worker might consider petitioning under an EB-1 classification. To do so, however, workers must prove that they are a member of one of the following categories:

  • Multinational manager or executive
  • Alien of extraordinary ability
  • Outstanding professor or researcher

Additionally, workers who possess advanced degrees in their field might qualify under second preference, or EB-2 status. However, this type of green card might require a labor certification unless the worker demonstrates that a National Interest Waiver (NIW) is warranted. A skilled employment-based green card attorney in Naperville may be experienced with writing NIW petition letters.

How can an Immigrant Get a Temporary Work Visas While Waiting for a Green Card?

There may be several ways for an immigrant to work temporarily in Naperville. An H-1B authorization may be appropriate for those whose careers are in specialty occupations with complex duties.

The H-1C is a type of temporary work visa for registered nurses whereas the H-2A program allows agricultural workers to live in Naperville for a limited period. Such visas may be subject to quotas. Thus, it may be helpful to consult with counsel about temporary worker cases.

Talk with a Naperville Employment-Based Green Card Attorney

After you have spent even a few days in Naperville, you probably do not want to ever leave. Of course, remaining in Naperville requires income.

If you are interested in continuing your career in Naperville, you may be able to do so by gaining lawful permanent resident status. A green card could allow you to live and work permanently in the United States. However, in the meantime, you might also be able to acquire a temporary work visa if you are a member of certain designated professions.

A seasoned Naperville employment-based green card lawyer may be able to write a persuasive petition letter to the USCIS on your behalf as well as assemble your application package. Call a local attorney today to begin the process.

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