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Dealing with the United States Citizenship and Naturalization Service (USCIS) to gain lawful permanent residency (LPR) status is difficult because the adjudicators tend to be quite busy. After you have completed the forms and supplied your documents, you may not receive a response right away.

It has become more typical of late for the USCIS to respond to a petitioner with a request for further evidence. To navigate the whole process alone could be daunting as there are many obstacles to gaining LPR status in Naperville. Instead, elect to work with a seasoned immigration attorney.

Time Obstacles for LPR Petitions in Naperville

After undergoing the exhausting process of finding and assembling your documents, and then working with an attorney to complete your forms, you may begin to feel uneasy about the wait time. For certain immigration categories, foreign nationals may be able to pay for premium processing to expedite the review of their petition. However, this does not guarantee that the application would be approved right away.

Recently, the USCIS began to make technological upgrades to its system so that petitioners might be able to access information about their cases. Applicants may go to the USCIS website and enter their receipt number to check their case status or submit a case inquiry.

It may be beneficial to create an online account with the USCIS so that all receipt numbers are in one place. To speak with someone in person at the field office near Naperville, concerned parties may schedule an InfoPass appointment online.

Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) or Request for Evidence (RFE) Obstacles

Receiving a Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) may strike alarm in a Naperville green card applicant. Although it might be a large obstacle toward gaining LPR status, it is not insurmountable. In general, a NOID an alert from the USCIS means that the evidence sent with the petition is insufficient and the service plans to reject the application if the foreign national does not supplement it.

An additional hurdle that may delay a Naperville applicant’s green card is a Request for Evidence (RFE). If a USCIS adjudicator issues an RFE, the applicant would generally have several months to respond. In the meantime, the service would hold the prior application and await further evidence that lawful permanent resident status should be granted.

Statutory Denials and Appeals in Naperville

One of the greatest roadblocks that may prevent a green card petitioner in Naperville from obtaining LPR status is a statutory denial. A USCIS officers may be authorized to issue a statutory denial if they determine that there is no legal basis for the green card.

Even if a Naperville applicant receives a statutory denial, they might still have an opportunity to appeal the denial with the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO), which is a subset of the USCIS. It may be beneficial in such cases to retain a local attorney who has experience with immigration appeals.

Sit Down with a Naperville Attorney to Discuss Your LPR Obstacles

There may be many and frequent obstacles to obtaining LPR status in Naperville. As such, it may be prudent for you to retain seasoned counsel to help you on the road to gaining a green card.
Call today to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer. A local attorney might be able to help you to avoid common pitfalls.

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