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The difference between being able to legally enter the United States and being allowed to stay here on a permanent basis is extremely impactful. Unfortunately, the process of “adjusting your status” the formal term for becoming a lawful and permanent U.S. resident, can be extremely difficult, even if you meet all the criteria. Things become even more complicated if you try to apply without seasoned legal representation.

When it comes to successfully achieving an adjustment of status in Naperville, there is no substitute for guidance from a skilled green card lawyer. Once retained, your dedicated legal representative could ensure you understand every prerequisite condition and required step, to minimize any potential complications.

Who Is Eligible for Adjustment of Status?

The first step to adjusting your legal status in the U.S., otherwise known as obtaining a green card, is confirming that you are eligible for this process to begin with. Doing this generally means applying for and obtaining a visa based on one of the various green card eligibility categories.

The two most common ways that a local immigrant typically adjusts his or her status is through sponsorship by a qualifying U.S. citizen or legal resident, usually a family member who already lives here or an employer who intends to provide work for the applicant. There are also numerous Special Immigrant categories that could permit adjusting status in more specific and unique circumstances. For example, if a juvenile immigrant sought court protection due to mistreatment by his or her parents, he or she might be eligible for this option.

Alternatively, someone who would be subject to persecution or imminent physical harm if he or she returned to his or her country of origin may be eligible for adjustment of status as an asylee, a refugee, or a victim of abuse.

A knowledgeable attorney in Naperville could thoroughly assess your situation to determine whether you are eligible for adjustment of status.

How to Apply for a Green Card

While more specialized types of immigrant visas require additional forms and procedures, the basic process for achieving local adjustment of status does not change substantially once someone receives a visa approval.

Anyone seeking adjustment of status must begin the process by filing Form I-485 with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), which is the government agency in charge of overseeing lawful immigration.

Once USCIS approves a Form I-485, the applicant generally must complete biometrics screening and an interview with immigration officials before he or she can be granted Legal Permanent Resident status.

If you are beginning the process of adjusting your lawful status through a green card, a diligent lawyer in Naperville could help you navigate all the requisite stages.

Contact an Attorney about Adjustment of Status in Naperville

Achieving lawful status and fulfilling your dreams of U.S. residency can be a lot more complex and challenging than you might expect. Thanks to constant shifts in USCIS policy, federal immigration law, and even popular opinion on immigration issues, the best way to apply for LPR status can change every day.

Fortunately, a knowledgeable legal professional who has experience working with USCIS could outline how to best handle adjustment of status in Naperville. Reach out to the office today to learn more about your options and schedule your initial consultation.

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