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While the prospect of obtaining a visa may be exciting, the process of applying for a family-based visa in Oak Brook is often confusing and overwhelming. From which documents are needed to where an application should be filed, the steps needed may feel daunting and overwhelming.

If you are looking to better understand the application process, consider reaching out to a knowledgeable family immigration lawyer to discuss each step. By understanding the categories and preferences for family members, as well as what to expect during an interview and what to bring, you may be able to increase your likelihood for a successful visa application.

The Process of Applying for a Family-Based Visa

To apply for a family-based immigrant visa in Oak Brook, the first step is for an individual to submit a form known as Form I-130. Depending on the applicant’s relationship to the permanent resident, he or she may also have to file a Form 130-A. Before completing these forms, however, an applicant should carefully consider the instructions and follow them directly.

On this form, the applicant will need to show documents or other forms proof of their familial relationship. Due to its specificity, the application may sometimes be confusing or unclear—especially depending on the type of relationship someone has, as well as how this relationship was established. For example, not everyone has a clear-cut relationship: Some people are adopted, while others are stepchildren or stepsiblings. Furthermore, some people change their names. All of these elements may complicate the process of proving a family relationship during a visa application.

Occasionally, a person must also interview with immigration. Before doing so, however, it may be advisable to consult with an attorney who is well-versed to prepare. This interview is an applicant’s chance to make a strong in-person first impression. Even if all of their application documents were filed correctly, a poor interview may be damaging to the outcome of a case, possibly leading to a stalled case or even a denial. Along with the applicant, their family members, friends, or neighbors may also be interviewed during this process. However, it is less likely that as many interviews will be conducted if the proper precautions are taken when submitting a well-documented case, as well as presenting an effective initial interview.

The Common Reasons for a Dismissal in Oak Brook

One of the most common mistakes a person may make when applying for a family-based visa is to submit an application he or she does not qualify for. There are numerous reasons why this may be the case, including:

  • Being unable to prove a family relationship
  • Inability to obtain certain documents to establish a relationship
  • Not considering the grounds of inadmissibility—such as financial issues or health reasons
  • A criminal record
  • Prior immigration violations

In addition to the above-listed issues, there are numerous other elements of a person’s situation that may make them inadmissible. Furthermore, applications may simply be denied at the discretion of an immigration application reviewer. Because of these potential obstacles, you may benefit from reaching out to a practiced attorney experienced with immigration law when applying for a family visa in Oak Brook.

How An Attorney Could Help When Applying for a Family-Based Visa in Oak Brook

If you are applying for a family-based visa in Oak Brook, consider reaching out to a well-versed lawyer to save time, money, and reputation. A legal professional could help you to select which petitions you qualify for and work to help you avoid costly mistakes that may disqualify your application.

By creating the right fact scenario and pre-plan, an attorney could help you to navigate the maze of immigration law, bureaucracy, and administrative procedures to help you on your path to immigration. To begin working on your application, contact us today.

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