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Biden Signs Executive Order to Review Migrant Protection Protocols | Chicago Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

Biden Signs Executive Order to Review Migrant Protection Protocols

The Migrant Protection Protocols program instituted under the Trump administration forced migrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexican border cities while waiting to plead their case before a judge. President Biden’s administration had already issued an executive order to stop the program. Biden’s new executive order to review the Migrant Protection Protocols will also determine a process for those with active cases to pursue their cases and not “simply languish in Mexico while they await a decision or the opportunity to make their case,” said an administration official.

The Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP), also known as the “Return to Mexico” policy,  by the Trump administration was directed at immigrants at the U.S. southern border. The program sent migrants who enter the U.S. illegally, or who appear at official places of entry along the U.S. border seeking asylum, to return to Mexico to await an American court date:

  • Immigrants claiming asylum under MPP policies must come and go across the border under U.S. custody to attend their hearings at the courts in the program, located in San Diego and Texas.
  • Prior to MPP, most of these migrants were released inside the U.S. to wait for a court date.

According to Reuters, MPP “broke” border courts, and was part of Trump’s goal to severely restrict immigration.

Senior White House officials said they could not give a timeline as to when there will be a solution for migrants who are now stuck in Mexico awaiting to see a judge for their asylum case.

On his first days in office, President Biden reversed many of the Trump administration’s policy to severely restrict immigration:

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