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baltimore bridge collapse

The Baltimore Bridge Tragedy and The Important Role Immigrants Have In Building America

Last week, our nation mourned the loss of six workers, all immigrants, in the horrific collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. This tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the immense contributions immigrants make to our country, often at great personal risk.

As an immigrant and an immigration attorney, I witness daily the dedication and sacrifice of immigrants who come to America seeking a better life. They fill vital roles in our communities, from construction and healthcare to agriculture and technology. According to a recent Washington Post report, these same individuals are frequently among the most vulnerable workers in the United States:

The construction industry is especially dangerous for foreign-born Hispanic and Latino workers, 274 of whom died in 2021.”

The report details the disproportionate danger faced by foreign-born Hispanic and Latino workers in the construction industry, with a shocking 274 deaths recorded in 2021 alone. This points to a critical need for stronger safety regulations and enforcement in these sectors.

But worker safety is just one piece of a larger issue. The precarity of many immigrants’ immigration status leaves them susceptible to exploitation and poor working conditions. The fear of deportation can prevent them from reporting safety hazards or seeking compensation for injuries.

An Immigrant Workforce Benefits All Of Us

Here’s the truth: a robust and well-protected immigrant workforce benefits all of us. Comprehensive immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship is essential to ensure immigrants have the same rights and protections as other workers. This reform would not only incentivize safer working conditions, but also empower immigrants to advocate for themselves and contribute fully to our economy.

The tragedy in Baltimore is a call to action. We must honor the memory of the fallen by ensuring their sacrifice isn’t in vain. We need to fight for safer working conditions, a more just immigration system, and the recognition that immigrants are not expendable, but essential threads in the fabric of America.

Let’s build a future where immigrants can contribute their skills and talents without fear, and where their hard work helps us build a stronger, safer nation for all.

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