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Download Our Free Guide: Bona Fide Marriage Interview Checklist

Bona Fide Marriage Interview Checklist: Free Guide

What Is A Bona Fide Marriage?

A bona fide marriage shows USCIS that your marriage is legitimate and was entered in for the correct reasons – and not for immigration reasons. Marriage fraud is a federal crime. A fake marriage only to get a green card can result in heavy penalties. Including a prison sentence of up to five years and a fine of up to $250,000 for both the immigrant and the American citizen. This is why we offer a free bona fide marriage interview checklist – to help you through the interview.

Immigrants under a K-1 fiancé visa or spousal visa must prove their marriage is valid to obtain a green card. The marriages of immigrants to American citizens are inspected during United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) interviews, where the immigration officer looks for inconsistencies as indicators of marriage fraud. During the interview, applicants must prove they have a real, bona fide marriage – and did not get married just to get a green card. 

Can you prove to USCIS that you have a bona fide marriage?
Are you prepared for your marriage interview?

Our free guide includes a bona fide marriage interview checklist. This can help you prepare the documentation to prove to immigration authorities that you have a real marriage. It will also help you prepare for your marriage interview with USCIS.


Download Our Free Guide: Bona Fide Marriage Interview Checklist

Do You Have Questions About A Marriage Visa? We Can Help

The bona fide marriage interview checklist in our free guide can help you to prepare for your marriage interview. USCIS does not require you to hire an immigration lawyer to file for a K-1 fiancé visa or marriage visa. But hiring an experienced immigration lawyer gives you the best chance for a successful outcome for your application.

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