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Green Card renewals

Can You Renew A Conditional Green Card?

Many individuals receive a conditional green card, often based on marriage. You cannot renew a conditional green card and will lose your permanent resident status if you fail to seek a full green card. Failing to take action can lead to losing your permanent resident status altogether. To remove the conditions on your green card (permanent resident status), you must file a petition within the 90-day period before your conditional green card expires.

What Is A Conditional Green Card?

A conditional green card means you can live and work in the U.S., like any other green card holder, but for only two years before having to update your status again to a full, ten-year green card. Conditional green cards are designed to prevent fraud and abuse. If you received one based on marriage, it assumes your union is genuine.

How To Remove the Conditions On Your Conditional Green Card

Before your conditional green card expires, you must file a petition to remove the conditions. This involves gathering evidence and submitting the appropriate form:

  • Marriage-based:
    File Form I-751 within 90 days before expiration, demonstrating your bona fide marriage.

    • Track your expiration date: Mark your calendar 90 days beforehand to ensure timely filing.
    • Gather evidence: Depending on your case, this could include joint financial statements, tax returns, or business records.
    • Seek legal guidance: An immigration attorney can navigate the process and ensure your application is complete and accurate.

Consequences of Failing To File

Missing the deadline or failing to remove the conditions can have severe consequences:

  • Loss of permanent resident status: You may be placed in removal proceedings and forced to leave the U.S.
  • Difficulty re-entering: Obtaining a new visa or green card becomes significantly more challenging.
  • Impact on family: Spouses and children may also face immigration consequences.

Do You Have Questions About Your Conditional Green Card?

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