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Trump Excludes Some Immigrants From Census Reapportionment | Immigration Attorney Mario A. Godoy | Godoy Law Office

Court Blocks Trump Effort To Exclude Some Immigrants From Census

On September 10, three New York judges blocked President Trump’s strategy to exclude some immigrants from the 2020 Census reapportionment. On July 21, Trump signed a memorandum to exclude Census counts of undocumented immigrants from being included in congressional district census reapportionment, saying including undocumented immigrants “would create perverse incentives and undermine our system of government.” Trump’s order said that undocumented migrants should not be counted in the Census to determine how many members of Congress are allocated to each state.

The three-judge panel ruled unanimously:

“We declare the Presidential Memorandum to be an unlawful exercise of the authority granted to the President by statute.”

The court ruled that his order would do harm for decades and that it violates federal laws that establish how congressional seats are apportioned. Apportionment is the process of deciding how many members in the House of Representatives each state will receive based on that state’s population as determined by census counts.

The judge’s ruling prohibits Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, whose agency oversees the U.S. Census Bureau, from excluding people who are in the country illegally when handing in 2020 census figures used to calculate the number of congressional seats.

Immigration advocates see this as another Trump strategy to keep undocumented immigrants from being counted in the census and to limit legal immigration.

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