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Does USCIS Recognize Online Marriage?

During COVID with international travel severely restricted, online marriages became more common. And long-distance relationships, arranged marriages and U.S. military assignments abroad continue the need for couples to marry online when they cannot be together to marry in person. In general, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will recognize online marriages (also called virtual or proxy marriages).

What Is A Proxy Marriage?
When both partners are physically separated and unable to participate in a traditional ceremony together, a virtual proxy marriage can be held. A proxy marriage requires that an officiant is present at the legal marriage location while both partners participate virtually online, and their proxies (stand-ins) witness the ceremony remotely.

The Requirements To Validate An Online Marriage

If the marriage was legal in the jurisdiction where it took place, USCIS will generally consider it a valid marriage. However, for virtual or proxy online marriages, there are more requirements to apply for their spouse:

  • For a marriage to be considered valid, for purposes of applying for your spouse,  it must comply with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where it took place.
  • The couple must have been physically together after the online marriage to consummate the marriage.
    • Consummation prior to the marriage does not meet the legal criteria. 

Couples who are married through a virtual ceremony must also submit additional evidence to prove they were together and the marriage was consummated, such as:

  • Written testimony from a knowledgeable 3rd party
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel receipts
  • Photos
  • Bills
  • Apartment lease

Applying for a Green Card For Your Spouse

After the couple has consummated the virtual marriage, they can begin the process of applying for a green card for the foreign national spouse. A K-3 spousal visa is for a married foreign spouse of a United States Citizen to come to the U.S.

U.S. citizens can bring their foreign spouse and their families to live in America through special spousal and family visas. Contact an experienced K-3 immigration attorney to navigate the process and make your dream of building a future together a reality.

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