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How To Become a U.S. Citizen Through Naturalization

There are many benefits to becoming a United States citizen, including the ability to vote, traveling abroad with a U.S. passport, sponsoring family members to move to the United States, and sponsoring citizenship for children born abroad. Naturalization is the process where a person voluntarily applies to become a permanent U.S. citizen. To apply to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization, a lawful permanent resident must have lived in the United States for five years, or three years in some cases, be fluent in English and want to make the United States their permanent home.

The naturalization process can take a long time, and there are many steps to prepare for naturalization which include:

• Evaluation of citizenship eligibility
• Overcoming any barriers to ineligibility
• File USCIS Form N-400
• Get fingerprinted and other biometric requirements
• Attend a citizenship interview
• Attend an oath ceremony where you are granted U.S. citizenship and say the Pledge of Allegiance

Good moral character is a requirement for citizenship and is considered by immigration officers for immigration applications. USCIS considers certain acts including lying during the naturalization interview, drunk driving illegal gambling, prostitution and marijuana use and convictions even in legalized states as “unlawful acts” that adversely reflect on moral character for naturalization purposes.

If you want to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization and you are concerned that you may not qualify, it’s best to consult an experienced immigration lawyer who can review your case and help you avoid any naturalization pitfalls.

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