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health care coverage to undocumented immigrant adults

Illinois Launches Free Health Care Coverage for Senior Immigrants

The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services launched the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults Program to provide free health care coverage to undocumented immigrant adults and certain legal permanent residents aged 55 to 64. The Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults Program will expand to include eligible adults aged 42 to 54 on July 1.

The free health care program was approved in Spring 2021. To be eligible for health care coverage under the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults Program, individuals must

  • be between the ages of 55-64 
  • have a household income is at or below $18,754 for one person or $25,268 for two people 
  • be either an undocumented immigrant or a legal permanent resident of the United States for less than five years 

Covered services include 

  • doctor and hospital visits
  • mental health
  • substance abuse disorder services
  • dental and vision services
  • prescription drugs

The new program’s official start date is 05/01/2022, and coverage cannot be given prior February 1, 2022. Eligible applicants can apply for the free health care program online at ABE.illinois.gov or by calling 1-800-843-6154.

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