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Immigration Is Driving U.S. Population Growth

Immigration Is Driving U.S. Population Growth

A new report shows that 2021 had the slowest population growth in U.S. history; the population of the United States grew in the past year by 392,665, or 0.1%. The slow growth rate is due to multiple factors, including low birth rate, decreased fertility and an increase in the death rate spurred by the Covid pandemic. For the 1st time, immigration is behind most of the U.S. population growth. Despite reduced immigration levels due to 4 years of Trump administration policies combined with restricted travel and closed borders during the pandemic, the overall share of Americans born in other countries is rising and coming close to levels last seen in the late 19th century.

According to data published by the New York Times based on the 2020 U.S. Census, “as of December 2021, immigrants represented 14.1% of the U.S. population, matching the peak of the decades-long immigration boom that began in the 1960s and approaching the record 14.8% seen in 1890, shortly before large numbers of Europeans began disembarking from vessels at Ellis Island.”

The Role of Immigration in U.S. Population Growth

What Does Slow Population Growth Mean to Immigration?

As the U.S. is currently faced with slow population growth, an aging workforce and a labor shortage, there is a need for foreign workers to fill jobs. According to employment experts, the U.S. is experiencing a high demand for:
• health roles including nurses, doctors and other medical jobs
• restaurant and food service
• tech workers
• manual labor
• education
• retail
• manufacturing labor
While some of these job categories fall in the category of low wages, others require educated, skilled professionals. The Biden administration is working to address the current backlog of immigration applications and to streamline and simplify the immigration process so more needed foreign workers can help fill the U.S. labor shortage. Historically, the United States has used immigration to address labor shortages by welcoming foreign workers.
In today’s labor shortage, essential industries such as health care, transportation, construction, agriculture and food processing could hire foreign workers to fill jobs when American workers are not available or are not willing to take. Experts advise that researchers and economists say that America also needs immigrant entrepreneurs and business owners who create jobs for other Americans and help strengthen the local and national economy.

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