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New 2022 Illinois Immigration Laws

New 2022 Illinois Immigration Laws

Hundreds of new laws go into effect in Illinois in 2022, including 3 new immigration laws that protect the rights of immigrants. Here are the new 2022 Illinois immigration laws you should know about.

3 New Illinois Immigration Laws

Hate Crimes
SB 01596: Committing a crime against a person because of their actual or perceived citizenship or immigration status will now be considered a hate crime in the state of Illinois. The Illinois state criminal code was expanded to include anti-immigration bias as a hate crime.

Constitutional Rights
HB 00709: Requires the Department of Human Services to educate immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other non-residents of their rights under the U.S. Constitution and Illinois law.

Public Defenders for Non-Citizens 
HB 02790: Allows public defenders in a county with more than three million inhabitants to provide legal representation for noncitizens in immigration cases. Starting in January, the Cook County Public Defenders Office can represent non-citizens in deportation cases under the Defenders For All Act. Cook County is the third jurisdiction in the United States to offer representation to immigrants facing deportation.

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