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October ICE Raids Planned in Sanctuary Cities

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under the direction of the Trump administration is planning a series of raids in October targeting U.S. cities and jurisdictions that have adopted sanctuary policies of undocumented immigrants. Nicknamed “sanctuary op,” the immigration raids are intended to target Trump’s reelection campaign promise to crackdown on immigration and criticize cities led by Democrats which he highlights for their crime and violence. Sources have described the sanctuary op as ‘more of a political stunt than a major operation.’  California, Philadelphia and Denver are believed to be initial ICE raid targets.

Chicago is a sanctuary city. A sanctuary city (or county or state) limits its cooperation with federal immigration enforcement agents to protect low-priority immigrants from deportation, while still turning over those who have committed serious crimes. Many immigration advocates prefer the term “safe cities.”

During the July ICE raids, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Illinois Governor JB Pritzker said the Chicago and Illinois will not aid ICE raids and won’t coordinate in any way with federal immigration officials.

By the time you get to an ICE detention center, it may be too late. Statistically speaking, only 15-20% of detainees will ever speak to an immigration attorney.

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Know Your Rights

With the latest round of planned ICE raids, you need to know your rights! Call us if you or a loved one are detained. If you or a loved one are picked up in an ICE raid, you and your family need to move quickly so you can have an attorney advocate next to you. Call the immigration lawyers at Godoy Law Office in Chicago to protect your rights 312-736-0371.

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