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Passport Wait Times Drop: How Long Does It Take Now To Get A New Passport?

Passport Wait Times Drop: How Long Does It Take Now To Get A New Passport?

Good news for travelers: US passport wait times for processing have returned to pre-pandemic levels, significantly streamlining the application process for international travelers.

Improved passport wait times:

  • Routine service: 6-8 weeks (down from 7-10 weeks)\
  • Expedited service: 2-3 weeks (down from 3-5 weeks, plus $60 fee)
  • Streamlined operations: The State Department’s dedication to reducing backlogs has paid off, with staffing increases and improved processing efficiency leading to a third consecutive reduction in wait times.

Are You Planning International Travel And Need A New Passport?

This is the ideal time to apply for a new passport, whether you’re planning a business trip or to visit family in your home country. The process is now faster and more predictable, eliminating the stress of extended delays.

Tips for to simplify your passport application:

  • Review application details and forms on the U.S. Department of State website.
  • Double-check your current passport’s expiration date to avoid any last-minute surprises.
  • Gather all necessary documents well in advance (photos, ID, etc.).
  • Consider expedited service if your travel date is nearing.

Note: Remember to factor in mailing times when planning your trip. However, with these impressive processing speeds, even those additional days will feel like a mere blip before you embark on your globetrotting journey.

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