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Responding Promptly to a Request for Evidence

If you apply for an employment-based green card, you may receive a Request for Evidence (RFE) for your Form I-693 from USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). You must respond very quickly to an RFE; if you fail to respond or don’t send the right information, your green card could be denied. Responding promptly to a Request for Evidence is essential, so your application is not denied.

If you fail to respond or you don’t send the right information, your adjustment application will likely be denied, which means:

  • You will lose all the time you spent preparing your application and waiting for an answer.
  • You will lose your filing fees.
  • You might even lose your immigration status, and if that happens, you could lose all your immigration benefits, including your job and your ability to live in the United States.

Responding Promptly to a Request for Evidence

Be sure to respond promptly and completely to a Request for Evidence so USCIS can finalize a decision on your adjustment application. You must respond to the RFE and provide as much of the requested evidence as possible. If your RFE requests more than one document, you should send everything together in one response packet. You must also make sure that the packet is delivered before the deadline within the RFE letter. If you don’t meet the deadline, USCIS will decide based on the information and documents it already has. Often that decision will be a denial due to your failure to respond or failure to provide enough evidence.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer for Help With Your RFE

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