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The Resurrection Project

The Resurrection Project for Asylum Seekers Comes To Chicago

President Biden, Illinois and Chicago officials are launching a new program to help migrants get work permits faster. The Resurrection Project for asylum seekers provides immigration legal services to keep Illinois immigrant families together, and help newcomers in the U.S. legally get work permits so they can join the workforce, make money and find a place to live. The program pilot program will launch Thursday, November 16, and will serve up to 150 people per day and is open to eligible noncitizens, including about 11,000 asylum seekers in Chicago.

“The Resurrection Project (TRP) builds trusting relationships to educate and propel individuals, immigrants, and families to achieve their social and economic aspirations, stable homes, and equitable participation in their community.”

– The Resurrection Project

The Resurrection Project launch in Chicago is part of the Biden administration’s efforts to

  • speed up granting work permits to
  • take the financial burden off the city and the state
  • fill a large number of job vacancies

Why Hire A Private Immigration Attorney v A Free Lawyer

A non-profit, government funded immigration attorney may be free, but they often have a higher demand than the resources that are available to them. Here are some benefits of using a private immigration attorney to manage your case.

  • Individual attention:
    Private immigration attorneys can often give you more individual attention because they have fewer cases. They often have more time to understand your specific situation and answer your specific questions.
  • Don’t wait in a long line:
    Often free service providers have a long line for their services. A delay can cost you in your immigration case. Private immigration attorneys typically have fewer cases than government-funded projects. This allows for you to get faster service. 
  • Don’t go through it alone:
    Some free immigration projects can only help you with preparing your filing. They are available to answer questions after your initial filing. Private immigration attorneys can stay involved in your case after it is filed.They can also prepare and go to your interview with you. 
  • Limited Scope of Representation:
    Often non for profit and government projects are limited in the services that they can provide to you. A private immigration attorney can contract to provide all services and representation that you may need. 

Hire Experienced Chicago Immigration Attorney Mario Godoy

Mario Godoy has experience with The Resurrection Project and fully supports their efforts to help immigrants. 

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