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Visa Application: Thousands of Asylum Seekers To Be Denied Work Permits | Mario Godoy | Chicago Immigration Lawyer

Thousands of Asylum Seekers To Be Denied Work Permits

A new proposal by the Trump administration will deny thousands of asylum-seekers in the US the right to apply to legally work, and significantly delay the work permit application process for eligible candidates.

According to a report from Buzzfeed,

“The Trump administration plans to issue a new policy that would deny work permits to asylum-seekers who cross the border without authorization as well as those who are convicted of a felony, and significantly delay when those qualified to apply for a permit can do so.”

Delays for Asylum Processing

The new policy from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will delay the time it takes for asylum seekers — both those already present in the US or after they cross the border and are referred to immigration court — to become qualified to apply for a work permit, from 150 days to 365 days. The present rules allow anyone who applies for a work permit 150 days after applying for asylum to qualify to receive the work permit as early as 180 days from their asylum application — a provision that will also be eliminated. Anyone who is arrested or charged with certain crimes could also be denied access to work permits.

The new work permit rule is expected to be included in an upcoming proposed regulation that will only allow those who applied for asylum at a port of entry to be eligible for a work permit.

Larger Morally Questionable Schemes

This is part of larger plans by the Trump administration to restrict asylum-seekers and limit asylum from the U.S. southern border. The policy changes do not take effect immediately and must still go through a process that includes a public comment period and revisions before they go into effect.

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