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Immigrants are good for the economy

US Increase In Immigration Is Good For the American Economy

Immigration is good for the American economy, say economists! With a historic high of 12 million open jobs in March 2022 and rising interest rates in 2023, immigrants are helping to ease the U.S. labor shortage and lower the risk of a recession by helping lower inflation brought by higher wages and prices. The recent increase in immigration has helped to drive the recovery of jobs in the leisure and hospitality and construction industries, where immigrants account for a larger share of employment and where wages and job openings have increased more significantly. According to economists, the rise in foreign-born labor force not only boosts the worker supply, it also eases wage pressure and supports the Federal Reserve’s goal of ‘soft landing.’

Foreign born workers were 18% of the labor force in 2022, and increased to 18.5% by August 2023:

  • Legal immigration remains below pre-Trump levels.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are waiting for immigration interviews to get a visa.
  • Immigration increased to about a million people last year, the highest level since 2017, according to the Census Bureau.

According to the Labor Department, nearly half the agricultural workforce is undocumented. The number of guest workers allowed to enter the country has increased by double-digit percentages each year for the past several years, reaching 371,000 in 2022.

Proposed Changes to Immigration Categories

There have been no major changes to U.S. immigration categories in 33 years. Business groups and immigrant advocates have been frustrated by progress on their proposals to modernize and make changes to immigration policy, including:

  • a new visa category for non-agricultural workers without college degrees, such as cooks and cashiers
  • a bill that would allow farmworkers to apply for citizenship
  • legalizing DACA recipients

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