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USCIS Receipt Notice

What Is A Receipt Notice?

A Receipt Notice, Form I-797C, Notice of Action, is an official legal document from USCIS to prove that they have received your immigration petition. The date on the receipt notice is very important because if you are running out of time on some initial approvals such as H-1B or I-751, it is evidence that you filed for an extension before it expired and may help you extend your status.

Typically, applicants receive their receipt notice within 1-3 weeks after the USCIS receives the petition; however, USCIS is currently experiencing a backlog and extended wait times.

The receipt notice will say either your petition is rejected or that USCIS has accepted your petition and how they will process it. During your case USCIS may also send a Request for Evidence that requests additional items. A receipt notice will contain:

  • Receipt Number: A receipt number can be used to check your case status online at the USCIS official website or when talking to USCIS staff.
  • Case Processing Center: Which USCIS processing center will be handling your case.
  • Priority Date: Your priority date is your place in line for an immigrant visa.
  • Filing Date: The date you filed your petition.

When Do You Get a Receipt Notice?

USCIS will send a receipt notice to the applicant and their legal representative for immigrant and non-immigrant applications including:

  • Green Card I-140
  • H-1B Visas
  • L Visa
  • E Visa
  • TNs
  • Travel Documents
  • EADs

If you did not receive a receipt notice, your immigration attorney can help you contact your local USCIS office to determine if it was lost, if your address is not deliverable and if the notice was returned.

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