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What Is Court Supervision? | Immigration Lawyer Mario Godoy | Godoy Law Office

What Is Court Supervision? (Video)

What does it mean to be under court supervision, and when is that a good option for a misdemeanor crime committed by an immigrant in Illinois?  

Alternatives to a Criminal Conviction

Court supervision can be one of the best alternatives to avoid a criminal conviction under Illinois law. However, for immigrants, court supervision counts as a criminal conviction. A criminal conviction may prevent or delay your application to get your Green Card, or hinder your ability to remain in the United States.  


Keep a Criminal Record Clean

Avoiding criminal conviction on your record is important for immigrants who are not yet United States citizens, and are not entitled to the benefits of US citizens. In many instances, successfully completing court supervision for a misdemeanor can avoid a criminal conviction under state law but will count as criminal conviction under the immigration law. At Godoy Law Office, our immigration attorneys are experienced in both immigration and criminal law and can advise you on the best options for your situation.

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