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What Should I Do If I Have An Order Of Protection Filed Against Me?

What Is An Order of Protection?

An Order of Protection (OP) is a court order to restrict a person accused of domestic abuse from contacting the person who requested the protection. It is available to family or defined household members. Also called a restraining order, an Order of Protection means that you cannot go near the person who filed the order or you will face serious legal consequences. The OP does not restrict the actions of the person who requested the order. If you are served an Order of Protection, it is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney right away.

The OP will tell you how far you must stay away from the person who requested the protection, and any other contact restrictions such as emails, texts or social media posts. If you have an Order of Protection issued against you, it is entered into the law enforcement database. It is critical to get the restraining order against you vacated or removed from this database. If the order is not vacated, it could affect your ability to:

• Travel and cross international borders

• Get a job

• Remain in the United States, if you are an immigrant accused of violating the order of protection

• Secure or keep a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card

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What If You Are Unfairly Charged With Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a serious criminal charge. If you face accusations of spousal abuse or domestic violence, it is critical that you contact a criminal defense attorney right away. At Godoy Law Office, we are a team of experienced domestic violence defense lawyers serving Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our legal team will work hard to help you avoid a criminal conviction and the serious criminal consequences of a conviction.

Were You Served a Restraining Order?

Have you been charged with domestic violence, or received an Order of Protection? The criminal defense attorneys at Godoy Law Office are former prosecutors in Cook County and DuPage County. We have the required experience and skill to build strong cases to defend our clients against domestic violence charges. We are available to work hard to defend you from the harsh consequences that can come from a domestic violence conviction. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us online or call us at 630-912-0322.

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