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Conditional permanent resident visas in Aurora offer you a way to change your status or help your loved one change his or her status should you feel the need to. That said, the paperwork and wait times involved for this process is arduous at best. Choosing to work with a local immigration attorney who has experience handling cases like yours and who could help you gather relevant information is often a smart move.

Precautions to Avoid a Family Visa Denial

To ensure their family’s visa would not be denied, some precautions a person could take include having a good knowledge of the immigration law and reviewing all of the grounds of inadmissibility to determine if there is any reason that their family member’s case may be denied. Also, they should have a thorough reading of the different applications and understanding of how the law relates to those applications so that the correct evidence could be submitted and then correct forms could be filed.

Once a Family Member’s Application Is Approved, What Happens?

Once a family member’s application is approved, then depending on the type of relationship, a green card would be issued in a couple of weeks. If the family member is the spouse of the U.S. citizen and the marriage is less than two years old when the green card was issued, a conditional residency would be issued.

What Is a Conditional Permanent Resident Visa?

In Aurora, a conditional permanent resident visa is the type of residency that would be issued any time the spousal relationship, the actual marriage, was less than two years when the green card was issued. That type of residency requires that a petition to remove conditions be filed within two years of the green card being issued.

Why Might an Immediate Relative Be Issued a Conditional Permanent Resident Visa?

An immediate relative might be issued a conditional residency if the marriage is less than two years old when the green card is issued. Immigration, by law, tends to issue conditional residency so that the marriage could be verified later to make sure that no one got married, applied for a green card, and committed fraud in doing so.

What Would a Family Member Have To Do To Help the Conditional Aspect of the Visa Removed?

To help the conditional aspect of the visa removed, a family member would have to file Form I-751, Joint Petition to Remove Conditions. If the marriage was terminated or one of the spouses committed some type of act of domestic violence against the immigrant, a waiver could be sought using the same Form I -751.

What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons That an Individual Would Not Be Issued an Immediate Relative Visa?

Some of the most common reasons that an individual would not be issued an immediate relative visa are that the person does not qualify as an immediate relative, the person filed the wrong forms, and the person has a ground of inadmissibility that applies to them, such as a criminal background.

What Are Some Common Mistakes Made by People?

Some common mistakes made by people include filing the wrong forms, not answering the questions correctly, not sending enough evidence with the filing, sending the wrong evidence with the filing, giving more information than what is required, and going to the appointments without practicing or being prepared to deal with a difficult officer.

Learn More About How an Attorney Can Assist With Conditional Permanent Resident Visas in Aurora

With the right documentation and evidence, you could apply for a conditional permanent resident visa in Aurora for a family member or loved one. However, life tends to happen in these fast-moving moments, and missing a crucial step in your application process could give USCIS grounds to deny a change of status. Do not let that happen. Reach out to a dedicated immigration attorney who could help you apply with as much accuracy and evidence as possible.

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