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Much of the focus of the immigration system involves the pursuit of a green card by spouses or employers. However, not all immigration cases involve adults. Some juveniles find themselves pursuing lawful permanent residency in the United States without the help of friends or family.

Federal law provides a path to a green card for juveniles that are victims of abuse or abandonment. With help from a dedicated immigration lawyer, you could pursue this option. Given the challenges that come with applying for a visa, it is crucial to reach out to an Aurora juvenile immigration lawyer for legal guidance.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

Federal law provides certain juvenile immigrants with the opportunity to obtain a green card. This is possible through a process known as special immigrant juvenile status, or SIJS. SIJS is not available to every minor seeking to remain in the country legally. Instead, it is intended for individuals who suffered abuse or neglect at the hands of a family member as a juvenile.

It is very difficult for a juvenile to navigate the immigration process on their own. Frequently, a child welfare worker will assist a minor in seeking SIJS and the green card that can come with it. A juvenile’s best option is to obtain help from a immigration lawyer in Aurora when considering SIJS.

SIJS Applications in Aurora

It is important to understand that not all juvenile immigrants will qualify for SIJS. It is also worth noting that SIJS is available to some individuals who are no longer juveniles but were abandoned or abused as minors. However, only applicants under the age of 21 who are unmarried are eligible for SIJS.

To qualify, an applicant must be physically present in the country. The applicant must be under the care of a state or federal organization and meet the qualifications of foster care. Additionally, the applicant must meet other requirements, including:

  • Demonstrating that remaining in the United States is in their best interest
  • Showing that returning to their home country is not a viable option
  • Proving that they cannot reunite with their family because they are an unaccompanied minor or a victim of abuse or neglect

How an Immigration Attorney Could Help Minors

The federal government has ensured that while SIJS is available to many people, a large number of applications are ultimately denied. Given what is at stake for most young people seeking protection through SIJS, the guidance of an attorney could be life changing.

One of the ways a juvenile immigration attorney in Aurora could help is by ensuring an applicant has a qualifying juvenile court order. Only a juvenile with an appropriate court order is entitled to SIJS protection. A dedicated local attorney could help ensure the wording of the order meets the standards set by the federal government.

Contact an Aurora Juvenile Immigration Attorney Today

If you require assistance petitioning the federal government for SIJS, seek out an attorney that understands the process. Immigration law is complex, and you are likely best served by an attorney that understands the specific application process for minors. Let an Aurora juvenile immigration lawyer help you and answer any questions you may have. Call today to set up a private consultation.

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