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ACLU Report Says ICE Limits Immigrants’ Legal Rights

ICE limits migrants’ legal rights and access to lawyers – which in turn raises their risk of deportation, a new ACLU report says. The American Civil Liberty Union study, “No Fighting Chance: ICE’s Denial of Access to Counsel in U.S. Immigration Detention Centers,” found that immigrants detained in civil cases face:

“monumental barriers in finding and communicating with attorneys,” which renders their right to legal representation “essentially meaningless.” 

The ACLU report found that:

  • nearly 80% of detained immigrants don’t have legal counsel
  • inadequate access to phone and video conference lines
  • lack of email and other electronic messaging
  • barriers to in-person attorney visits
  • delayed mail
  • LGBTQ clients who are in danger in their home countries due to their sexual orientation or gender identity are “reluctant to discuss details that may be pertinent to a legal case without privacy.”

The ACLU report was researched in late 2021 and surveyed legal access at 173 out of 192 ICE facilities across the United States. It surveyed 89 immigration lawyers and legal representatives on their experiences representing clients at 58 detention centers.

Immigrants Who Have Lawyers Are 10 Times More Likely to Win Their Cases

Families that are represented by immigration attorneys are ten times more likely to win asylum and other protections from deportation, according to a study by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI). And immigrants facing deportation who do have a lawyer are up to 10 times more likely to win their cases, according to analysis by the Vera Institute of Justice.

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