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#CelebrateImmigrants June is Immigrant Heritage Month

June is “Immigrant Heritage Month”, a celebration of the accomplishments and contributions immigrants and their children have made in shaping the history, strengthening the economy, and enriching the culture of the United States.

Established in 2014 by President Barack Obama, IHM celebrates that:

One of the remarkable things about America is that nearly all of our families originally came from someplace else.  Immigration is part of the DNA of this great nation.  It’s a source of our strength and something we all can take pride in. 

#CelebrateImmigrants events across the country in 2020 will respect local social distancing guidelines and encourage all Americans to:

• share stories about their immigrant heritage

• discuss successful immigrant entrepreneurs

• read books about immigrant heritage

Chicago takes pride in being “the most immigrant-friendly city in the world.” In 2019, Chicago was rated the most welcoming U.S. city for immigrants.

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