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A T-visa—also known as T Nonimmigrant Status—is a form of temporary residency granted to the victims of severe human trafficking crimes. It can be difficult for someone to determine whether they are eligible for one of these permits because the program features strict requirements.

If you are a victim of a severe human trafficking crime, you might be eligible to apply for temporary residency. An experienced OAk Brook T-visa lawyer understands the specifics of this program and could outline your legal options. Our visa attorneys could assist you throughout each stage of the application process.

Understanding Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a widespread issue that frequently affects the emotional and physical health of many immigrants. Trafficking generally stems from undocumented immigrants responding to fraudulent promises of employment in the United States. Two specific forms of “severe human trafficking” can qualify a victim for a T-visa.

Sex trafficking is one instance that can be labeled ‘severe.’ This crime involves the recruitment, transportation, and harboring of another person for the purposes of a commercial sex act. Traffickers use fraud, coercion, or force to breach a victim’s consent. In some instances, these crimes may involve children under the age of 18.

Labor trafficking is similar to sex trafficking and is also considered to be ‘severe.’ This crime involves the recruitment, transportation, or harboring of another person for some form of manual labor. These acts also involve the use of force, fraud, debt bondage, slavery, or coercion. Survivors of forced labor do not receive compensation for their work and often suffer severe trauma.

An experienced lawyer in Oak Brook who understands the nuances of trafficking crimes could help a victim apply for a T-visa.

Qualifying for a T-Visa

Only survivors of a severe form of human trafficking are be eligible to apply for a T-visa. This permit is noteworthy because it prevents the deportation of potential witnesses in a sex-trafficking prosecution and give victims an opportunity to pursue U.S. citizenship. T-visa residents can apply for lawful citizenship after three years of legal residency.

To be eligible for this type of visa, victims must be in the United States when they file their application. There is no way to apply for a T-visa while living abroad.

This visa also requires an applicant to assist law enforcement with their investigation. This means that individuals must comply with the reasonable requests of state or federal officials if they wish to be considered for the T-visa permit.

One final stipulation requires an applicant to demonstrate that they would suffer extreme hardship if they were removed from the country. An experienced attorney in the Oak Brook area could help you communicate the risk of deportation to a judge when applying for T-visa.

Contact an Oak Brook T-Visa Attorney

Human trafficking incidents are widespread and devastating. They can change the trajectory of an individual’s life and cause extreme trauma. If you were the victim of a severe human trafficking crime, you should consider applying for a T-visa immediately. This permit could prevent you from being deported and help you secure future citizenship.

This application process is complicated, and not all human trafficking victims are eligible. An Oak Brook T-visa lawyer could determine whether you are eligible for the program and help you file your application. Contact the office today to get started on your case.

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