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The U.S. welcomes certain businesspeople and investors who come from countries that have treaties with the U.S. The State Department maintains a list of countries that currently enjoy treaties with America. In order to gain permission to enter, work, and live in the U.S., a businessperson or investor from one of these countries must qualify for a visa. An Oak Brook E-1 visa lawyer could explain the qualifications an applicant must meet.

One type of visa available to those from treaty countries is called the treaty trader visa, or the E-1 visa. This is a non-immigrant visa offered to individuals who do not intend to immigrate permanently to the U.S. These are people seeking a visa because they want to enter the country to conduct international trade between the U.S. and the treaty country. If a person is already living in the U.S., it is possible to apply for the E-1 visa through the USCIS (US Citizen and Immigration Services). To learn more about the process, speak to a knowledgeable visa attorney.

How To Qualify for an E-1 Visa

To qualify for the E-1 visa, an applicant must:

  • Be a national of a treaty country
  • Show that the firm he or she plans to work within the U.S. is at least 50 percent owned by citizens of his or her same treaty country
  • Demonstrate that the trading firm is carrying out a substantial trade, according to the legal definition
  • Provide evidence that more than half of the international trade involved is between the U.S. and the treaty country
  • Show that the applicant is not an ordinary or unskilled worker but is an essential employee or has highly specialized skills that are critical to the success of the firm

To determine whether you meet the qualifications, speak with an attorney in Oak Brook experienced with the E-1 visa process. He or she could discuss your application with you to ensure you are meeting all necessary requirements.

Steps in the Application Process

A lawyer in Oak Brook could help an applicant understand how special terms such as substantial trade and employee of a treaty trader are defined, and how to prepare for and support the E-1 visa application. When an applicant is seeking an E-1 Visa as a treaty trader, there are certain steps that he must follow. The applicant must review the procedures of the embassy or consulate in the appropriate treaty country first. There may be variations depending on the location.

He or she also must complete the appropriate non-immigrant visa application online. Preparing for and scheduling an interview at the relevant embassy or consulate office is another important step. There are several parts of the application the person must submit as well. The applicant must pay the appropriate visa application fee and prepare supportive documentation, along with his passport and photo.

At the appropriate time, the applicant must attend the visa interview. If further processing is required, the consular office will notify him. Finally, it is important to track the visa processing schedule to determine approximately when the decision will be made.

Reach Out to an Oak Brook Attorney About Your E-1 Visa

When you decide to pursue a treaty trader E-1 visa, you might have questions that need timely, accurate answers. For answers to any questions you may have, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney. A well-versed Oak Brook E-1 visa lawyer is prepared to answer your questions, analyze your situation, and offer you strategic advice relating to your immigration plans. Contact us today to learn more.

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