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If you were denied a visa for travel or immigration to the United States, you are likely trying to understand why your application was not accepted. While many visa applications are approved, there could be several reasons why you are facing a denial. However, you do not have to try to decipher the consular officer’s reasoning on your own.

Contact a visa attorney today for assistance with consular denials in Aurora. At Godoy Law Office, you could get help from a team of lawyers with experience in many areas of immigration law, visa and green card applications, and other related practices. Our team is here to explain everything you need to know about what the U.S. Embassy or Consulate is looking for and help you reapply.

Common Reasons for Visa Application Denials

Visas may be denied for many reasons. An applicant may be deemed ineligible because there is not enough information in the petition to approve the visa, the applicant is not qualified for the type of visa he or she applied for, or the application contains information that disqualifies the potential immigrant under the law.

Legally, grounds for visa denials are defined under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Also referred to as ineligibilities, these include:

  • The visa application was deemed incomplete
  • Necessary supporting documentation was missing
  • The applicant has a criminal or drug-related record
  • The petitioner for a family-sponsored immigration visa did not include an Affidavit of Support
  • The applicant previously stayed in the United States beyond the terms of their visa
  • The facts of the application were incorrect or misrepresented
  • The applicant has a health condition that the Secretary of Health and Human Services deems to be of concern to U.S. public health
  • The travel visa applicant failed to show strong ties to their home country through their paperwork or interview

While this list may provide some idea as to why a visa was denied, it is important to understand these ineligibilities within the context of the law and the processes of U.S. government agencies. One of our knowledgeable Aurora attorneys could help with this aspect of consular denials.

Assumptions That May Not Work in One’s Favor

For instance, travel visa applicants should know that the U.S. Consulate assumes that foreign nationals coming to the United States are looking to become immigrants—and the burden of proof is on the applicant to show that the purpose of their travel is for non-immigration reasons only. To this end, a consular officer may look for evidence that the visa applicant is strongly tied to his or her home country by way of work and family connections.

A skilled attorney in Aurora could determine and the exact reason for a consular denial and help the applicant with a new visa application, if desired.

How to Resolve a Consular Denial

Thankfully, if an applicant faces a consular denial in Aurora, he or she can reapply. The foreign national will need to start a new visa application and pay another application fee. There is no appeal process, so the old application will be considered closed.

When opening a new visa application, it could be beneficial to seek guidance from a visa attorney, so you do not repeat the same mistakes or duplicate similar oversights from your previous application.

Benefits of Working with Our Team on Consular Denials

After facing a consular denial in Aurora, a prospective traveler to the United States or a hopeful immigrant may find many benefits when working with a lawyer. Because a legal representative understands immigration law and the requirements for a visa application, he or she could assist with all aspects of the process, helping to avoid future consular denials or issues.

For example, a lawyer could:

  • Explain all requirements for travel visas and immigration visas
  • Help an applicant collect documentation that proves their intent to travel or immigrate to the United States
  • Prepare an applicant for the visa interview
  • Assist with seeking U.S. permanent residency through employment or family sponsorship
  • Anticipate the common complications associated the visa process
  • Help the applicant put together the strongest possible application
  • Explain and assist with the process of submitting a new petition
  • Help submit all visa paperwork completely and accurately

Working with an attorney could also help protect the applicant’s legal rights and assist with delays in immigration.

Speak With Our Attorneys about Consular Denials in Aurora

If you are facing a consular denial in Aurora, the team at Godoy Law Office is ready to assist you. The process of reapplying for a visa after receiving an unfavorable case outcome may seem confusing and overwhelming. Instead, imagine the confidence of knowing that you have a legal team guiding you through every step.

Learn more about how an attorney could help you seek a visa and reapply successfully. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our team—se habla Español.

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